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Virtual Cockpit

All modern flight simulators are intended to recreate the sensation of flying inside a particular aircraft. A good part of the flight sim programming is related to aerodynamics and flight physics, then we have all the gauges programming in order to have all the instruments working and sending us informations about our flight. Another good part of the Flight Sim enviroment is the way we try to recreate the feeling of being there inside the cockpit, turning our head as we approach the base leg turn or pointing at the runway during a loop or any other aerobatic manouver where we need to have our eyes "outside" of the cockpit.

The Virtual Cockpit (also called VC) is a 3D model of the real cockpit where all flight controls, gauges, switches and pannels are visible and functional with realistic movements.
Outside of this VC the scenary passes by while flying and this gives us all the possible sensations to make us feeling in the real thing! The only part is not possible to recreate inside the VC (and in almost all flight simulators) is the physical sensation, G's as we make turns or aerobatics..To have them the best possible way is still to jump inside a real aircraft and takeoff!