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3D models used for flight simulation need two basic things:

1) To be very realistic, with all parts moving such as flaps, landing gear, doors, propellers and so on, nice textures and great effects such as smoke, lights, contrails;
2) They should have few polygons since a visualization of more aircraft (in an Airport for example) would increse drammaticly the number of polygons in the scene and reduce the overall refresh rate of the simulator.

All this brings us to a very delicate and important aspect of flight simulation developement since we need quality with less detail. The importance of good textures and optimization of the model are a constant during all the developement.
This is a factor that is not present when models are created for rendering but it's something we have to deal when modelling an Aircraft for rendering that will also have a flight simulation version, in this, Aircraft3D has a way of showing it's experience, proposing models that can easily be used for both purposes cutting down time and costs.