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We at Aircraft3D have more than 8 years of flight simulation developement experience, most of our first models where created for Microsoft's Flight Simulator ADD-ON products.
The process of developing a 3d model of an Aircraft for a Flight Simulator varies a lot depening on the simulator itself. Most flight simulators are very realistic, the flight characteristics are impressive starting from a standard leveled flight up to aerobatics and unusual flight envelopes.
Realistic weather normally downloaded from internet METAR websites is a further feature that all modern flight simulation softwares give, like artificially generated traffic, ATC comunications and the possibility to fly in multyplayer with other real pilots from all around the world.

The Flight Simulation experience boosts up the possibility to let more and more people learn how to fly with an Aircraft, have to deal with gauges, checklists, communications and procedures, even commonly used home flight simulators are considered today a valid help for people that would like to fly, people that already fly and also a fantastic way to advertise an aircraft, it's characteristics and performances..

Thanks to a series of partnerships with software houses among the most productive and innovative of this sector, Aircraft3d is able to bring Your aircraft in the virtual world and inside the Computers of aviation enthusiasts around the world.
Last but not least, you will find in Aircraft3d a valid help in the development of professional simulators.