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A further developement of the 3D rendering is the animation and the production of a video.
Animation is achieved inside the 3D software by enabling movements of objects with exact time-sequencing.
The final result is a 3D model capable of particular animations, some times very complex like a landing gear or a Flap/Slat extension/retraction movements.
The point of view (camera) is also an object that we can animate, moving it around the aircraft in all 3 dimentions giving us endless possibilities to view our product

Once the animations are all ready, the next step is to start the production of a Video. A video is simply a combination of renderings of each frame of an animation, like for a movie or a cartoon, a fast sequencing of renderings that change in movements of the object will bring us to a video. Adding music and post-production cuts and effects will finish the job.
Since a video is a collection of more renderings we can immagine the tremendous ammount of time needed for such a production, for example, an european PAL TV/DVD system is normally a 25 fps or frames/renderings per second system, this means we will have to produce 1500 renderings for each minute of video!
Fortunatly, unlike renderings, 3d videos need a lower resolution and size, and this helps a lot reducing the rendering time of each frame.

Some examples of videos done by Aircraft3D can be found on our youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/Aircraft3d . More will be added in the next months.