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- November 30th 2011. Aircraft3D at the OpensourceDay 2011 event.
Last Saturday we presented the Blender 3D Modeling software during the OpenSourceDay 2011 event in Udine (Italy).
We focused on it's story and features and potential in 3D opensource printing.
You can see the entire video at the following LINK.(52' video in Italian).
- November 11th 2011. U.A.E. Aerobatic Team Paintscheme renderings and Story.
At the end of 2007 Studioanzellotti asked Aircraft3D to produce renderings and a video of a series of paintschemes proposals for the
upcoming U.A.E's Aerobatic team. Today, after 4 years, we can show you what we did for this project and in the next days you will
see the renderings of the original Team's Paintscheme proposals. A Huge THANK YOU to Andrea Macor for his precious help...
we couldn't have made it happen without all his help!!!Have a tour at the Gallery to see the AL FURSAN Mb339NAT!
- October 17th 2011. New renderings of the Seamax in the NEW Easy configuration.
In the gallery you will find 3 new renderings of the newly developed Seamax Easy, a folding wing version of the amphibious ultralight
..in a 50 meters Yacht!.
- October 12th 2011. Aircraft3D at the Open Source Day 2011.
Aircraft3d will hold a conference about Blender3D on November 26th, during the 2011 edition of the Open Source Day in Udine (Italy).
- October 8th 2011. F-35A 360 Walkaround video!
A new video showing the F-35A Lightning II is available on our youtube channel Aircraft3D on youtube.
Let us know what you think of it!
- September 26th 2011. New F-35A Lightning II renderings!!
New renderings and screenshots from inside x-plane added to the Gallery!! More to come so keep visiting us!.
- August 5th 2011. The F-35 Lightning II Gallery!
Another cooperation project with Classic jet simulation. It's still WIP (Work In Progress), on our youtube channel Aircraft3D on youtube
you will also be able to see some very nice videos with many features of the future product.
- July 12th 2011. The Seamax Easy video!
Available the Seamax Easy video done in cooperation with Endos, mixing 3D video and live footage narrated by
World gliding champion Stefano Ghiorzo.Video.
- June 20th 2011. The F-16C Fighting Falcon Gallery!
This project, done in cooperation with Classic Jet simulation, is producing an F-16C block 50 simulator for professional and
edutainement purpose.
- March 1st 2011. "Aircraft3D..how it all began!" conference!
Aircraft3d will host a conference in Udine march 9th at 18:00 inside the "talents sharing" series of events organized by
Coworking Udine, www.coworkingudine.it. It will be a great oportunity to find out what led to the birth of Aircraft3D.