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Aircraft3D Partners

Aircraft3d is very happy to thank all the partners and people that helped in the past years and keep helping us, working together side by side in various projects, sharing a great passion for flight and aviation.
We're sure more will come in the future and the best thing we could do is to let them have a small but significant place inside this website.

Greg Hofer - www.classicjetsims.com
Alessandro "Krafen" Glavina
Andrea "Mestri" Macor - www.andreamacor.it
Alessio "Napurio" Preziati
Giovanni "Josh" Contiero
Claudio "F104th" Pascolo & David "Bintar" Gandin - www.arcoproject.com
Alberto Sangalli - www.fscloud9.com
All the Aviograsf team - www.aviograsf.com
Haute Voltige - www.haute-voltige.com